Tables Settings

Some of the tables settings we have done. We can do Xmas or Birthdays etc. 2 people upto 50 or more people. We can buy the decorations and do it or customers can supply and set up how they want it.

Birthday Cakes

Some of the birthday cakes we have done. Customers can supply their own decorations for the cakes or we can do our own decorating on the cakes with creams, mousses or fruits etc.

Sweets and Cakes

Pictures of Sweets and Cakes we sell.

Cakes, Baklava, Biscuits

Cakes are made in store. We make / bake all the cakes, baklava, biscuits etc all ourselves.


Picture of our in-store made baklava.

Bain Marie with the Roast and Veggies

Picture of the Bainmarie with the Roast and veggies that we do.


Photos of the pizza sizes and our king size pizza.

Cold Espresso Coffees

Pictures of the cold espresso coffees.

Freak Shakes

Pictures of the our freak shakes we do.

Ice Creams

Picture of the ice creams we make ourselves in out cabinet !!! for sale all year round.

Fresh Juice